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Swindon food hygiene study

4 and 5 star food hygiene rated takeaways in Swindon.

Following yesterday's article on Swindon takeaways poor food hygiene ratings we have compiled a list of 4 and 5 star rated takeaway restaurants. A total...
Swindon food hygiene study

Swindon Amongst Worst Areas for Takeaway Food Hygiene

A new study has revealed which council areas have the best and worst food hygiene ratings at takeaways and sandwich shops. The Food Standards Agency...
obese woman

Swindon still top of the fat table

Did you know that Swindon has been found to be the fattest town in the South West of England, yet we have more gyms...

Review of Freedog Urban Activity Centre Swindon

Freedog Swindon - A Great Attraction For The Family Although i know how important and beneficial exercise is, on these long wintry days - it's hard...

Local Swindon woman aims to heal people through diet

We live in a society where there seems to be a pill for everything and doctor surgeries have been increasingly coming under fire for dishing...
Robins Farm Swindon - Dessert

Robins Farm Review

By their own admission, Robins Farm in North Swindon didn't have the best reviews when it first opened around six months ago - so...