What are Some of the Best Ways to Fund Your Travels? 

Are you planning on travelling the world?

Maybe you’re dreaming of heading to one country and exploring all each region has to offer?

traveller reading a map

With vaccines becoming available to more people, the future is looking bright for international travel, so why not start planning your big adventure now?

One of the key things to consider is the cost of travelling.

This is more than a holiday, so you’ll need to find ways to fund your time away both before you set off and once you’ve arrived. Here’s a look at how you can prolong your trip away from home by coming up with clever funding ideas.

Plan ahead

Before you can come up with money-making ideas, you’ll need to plan out the country or countries that are on your bucket list.

You might have holidayed somewhere before and want to return as a traveller, or you might want to head to new locations that you’ve always wanted to visit. Whichever of these applies to you, you’ll need to remember that travelling involves a lot of research.

Even if you’re familiar with a city, you will have a different experience if you’re staying there a while.

Study the places you plan on travelling to and look at the cost of living in those locations.

For instance, you might be considering either a trip to South America or doing a tour of Australia. In Australia, you’ll need to budget more for dining out than you would if you were to go to Brazil.

Weigh up the cost of living before you set off as this can help you when you arrive. Think about what you’ll need to pay for when you get to each country and allow the numbers to whittle down your travel plans.

Save up

It’s likely that if you’re planning on travelling, you’ll have been been saving for a while. But once you have a clear travel plan, it’s likely that you’ll know roughly how much you’ll need to make the trip.

The more you set aside before you leave the UK, the more comfortable you’ll be when you land in the country you’re visiting.

To help save, try different money making ideas. Do you have a lot of items you don’t want anymore? You could sell these on to help toward saving for a plane ticket.

Are you skilled in a subject? Maybe you could offer private tuition for sixth-form students or you could take your guitar knowledge to the next level by offering lessons.

Make money

Another thing to consider is how long you want to travel for. Taking six months out will have a very different financial impact than if you opt to stay away for a year or two.

Savings will only take you so far, and you’ll need a long-term plan if you’re going to stick around in your chosen country for a while.

There are plenty of ways to make money while you’re abroad, however. The way you raise funds will depend on where in the world you are.

In Australia, for instance, fruit picking is a common way for travellers to fund themselves.

Trading could also be a great option. Forex platforms, for example, are available from mobile devices, so whether you’ve dabbled in the markets before or you’re new to trading, you can try your hand at trading in demo mode before you commit.

Some destinations have programs set up for travellers who want to extend their working visas. Or you might want to look into teaching English abroad.

Build a budget

Before you set off, you’ll need to create a budget. But this will need to be adapted every time you reach another country because it can be more expensive to cover everyday living costs than it was in the last country you were in.

As you update this, be sure to double check you have enough funds to keep you comfortable while you’re there.