Successful result after vehicle pursuit in West Swindon

Officers from the Swindon Community Policing Teams were involved in a pursuit which drew to a successful and safe conclusion in the West area of the town this morning (Friday 28 April 2017).

At approximately 7.15am a Ford Transit van was witnessed by officers being driven along Swinley Drive by a man believed to have been disqualified from driving.

A pursuit was authorised and officers in a marked police car made an attempt to stop the van but it continued along Purton Road, towards Purton. Officers continued pursuit of the vehicle which started to head towards Lydiard Millicent before turning back towards Purton.

The driver then reached a railway crossing which had its half barriers down and red warning lights flashing – as a train was due to pass – however, the vehicle weaved between the barriers and made off; seconds later a high speed, inter-city train went through.

Once the train had passed and the crossing was safe, officers continued their pursuit – being able to spot the van in the distance by the amount of smoke pouring out of the back of the vehicle.   It continued towards Cricklade before turning back towards Purton and West Swindon, finally coming to a stop in Nightwood Copse.

The driver decamped but an officer managed to catch him after a short chase and made an arrest.

A 27-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of failing to stop, dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and driving without insurance.  He is currently in police custody.

Acting Inspector Nigel Kinderman said:  “Police Officers will continue to make brave choices, often placing themselves in danger to protect the public and bring offenders to justice. The most important aspect here is that nobody has been hurt.”