Man sentenced to eight years for manslaughter of Grzegorz Beyer

A man has been sentenced to eight years imprisonment after he was found guilty of the manslaughter of Grzegorz Beyer.

Marcin Koscielniak, aged 28, of Westlea, Swindon, was found guilty by a jury at Bristol Crown Court last month.

Detective Chief Inspector Jeremy Carter, of the Brunel Major Crime Investigation Team, said: “Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the family of Grzegorz who have shown the utmost dignity throughout this trial process despite the tragedy which they suffered just under a year ago. They are still coming to terms with the loss of a husband and father – a wonderful family man, looking forward to starting a new life in Swindon having recently moved to this country from Poland.

“In the early hours of Monday 2 May 2016, Grzegorz was on a night out in Swindon with friends when he was approached by another group of Polish nationals, who he and his friends had come into contact with briefly earlier that night.

“Koscielniak, who was part of this group, punched Grzegorz which, tragically, proved fatal.

“Although Koscielniak may not have intended to kill Grzegorz that night, it is clear that he died as a result of his actions.

“I am pleased with the conviction and I hope that it is of some comfort for Grzegorz’ family and friends.

“In the coming weeks, Wiltshire Police will be relaunching our ‘One Punch Can Kill’ initiative in a bid to highlight the serious consequences of throwing even a single punch – as was the case here.

“Whilst the police frequently receive reports of people being punched – fortunately the majority of them do not end up with the devastating consequences that sadly occurred on this occasion. However, it is clear many still don’t understand the impact of just one solitary punch and this should never be underestimated. Many lives can be ruined in a split second.

“At Wiltshire Police, we remain committed to tackling violent crime. As the nights get lighter and the days get longer, more people will be out and about, often with many drinking in the local pubs and clubs across our communities. When alcohol is involved, tensions can sometimes unexpectedly occur. Should anyone find themselves in such a situation – please stop, think, act responsibly and walk away.

“Don’t let a split second of anger turn you into a killer.”