Thamesdown announce timetable changes and new routes

Since taking ownership of Thamesdown earlier this year, the new owners have evaluated feedback and listened to customer comments and these changes will offer improved connections across Swindon.

As well as changes to timetables there are two brand new routes for you to enjoy.

Timetable changes will come into play from Sunday 14 May 2017

Route 5 running between Haydon Wick | Town Centre | Walcot East | Park North and Route R1 running from Town Centre | Royal Wootton Bassett.

Swindon Town Centre Swindon Town Centre

Thamesdown are currently putting together PDF timetables and maps for you to download and these should be available for 7 April.

There will be printed versions of the timetables too that will be ready approximately two weeks before the changes begin.

A summary of the changes is listed below:

Route 1/1A Middleleaze | Town Centre | Great Western Hospital

Monday to Saturday daytime timetable remains the same.

In the evening and on Sundays it will run across town instead of two separate journeys. Sunday evening service to Great Western Hospital will be covered by revised route/timetables for 13A/14A.

Route 2 Town Centre | Covingham

There will be earlier and later buses on a Sunday with the first bus at 0815 and last bus back from town at 1815.

The weekday daytime frequency will now be every 15 minutes instead of the current 12 minutes.

However, there are more buses in Walcot East, which will be operated by route 5.

(new route) Route 5 Haydon Wick | Town Centre | Walcot East | Park North new route

This new route will run between Haydon Wick | Town Centre | Walcot East | Park North.  It will serve Marlow Avenue and will provide more buses to/from Cavendish Square.

It will run up to every 7 to 8 minutes’ weekday daytimes, every 30 minutes’ evenings and every 20 minutes on Sundays.

The section between Haydon Wick and Town Centre replaces service 13/14 and the Park North area replaces service 17/17A.

Route 13/14 Town Centre | Liden/Eldene

There will be a revised routeing to this service that will run between Fleming Way | Eldene / Liden.  The previous section of this route between Haydon Wick | Town Centre will be covered by new service 5.

On Sunday evenings, there will be extra journeys on this route, replacing those previously provided by route 1.

Route 17/17A Penhill | Town Centre | Walcot West | Park South

There will be a revision to this route and will now run from Penhill to Walcot West as now, then to Park South instead of Park North (which is covered by new service 5).  It will still be as frequent up to 7-8 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes, every 20 minutes on Sundays and 30 minute during the evenings.

Route 19/19A Sparcells | Town Centre

There will be a revision to this route which will run from Fleming Way to Sparcells only, with an anti-clockwise loop in the Hillmead, Sparcells, Ridgeway Farm, and Peatmoor areas. The Town Centre to Park South area will be covered by new route 5 and revised routes 17/17A.

new route Route R1 Town Centre | Royal Wootton Bassett new route

This new route will run between Swindon Bus Station and Royal Wootton Bassett running every 15 minutes’ weekday daytimes, every hourly during the evenings and every 30 minutes on Sundays.