Wiltshire Police raises £1,135 by wearing odd socks

The Down’s Syndrome Society was presented with a cheque for more than £1,100 following Wiltshire Police’s odd socks day in March (21 March 2017).

Police from all over Wiltshire helped raise £1,135 this year’s World Down’s Syndrome Day (21 March 2017) by joining Down’s Syndrome International’s Lots of Socks campaign.

The cheque was given to the Down’s Syndrome Society by Chief Constable Mike Veale, and police employee Luke, who has the condition, was there with his mum and grandparents.

Luke joined Wiltshire Police as a volunteer around a year ago, carrying out admin work in the Crime and Communication Centre. Luke quickly became a much loved and integral part of the team, and since then has gone from strength to strength, successfully applying for a part time role in the department in December.

Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police, Mike Veale, said: “It has filled me with the most uplifting and immeasurable pride to watch this wonderful, polite and positive young man take on this new challenge and leap from success to success. One thing that has really taken me aback is the sheer love, admiration and support he has won amongst his colleagues and that is exemplified by this fantastic team effort to raise money from an incredibly worthwhile cause.

“I hope Luke and his loving colleagues were able to take this moment today to reflect on what marvellous work they have done together over the last year, not just with this fantastic fundraising effort, but in all they do for Wiltshire Police and our communities, day in, day out.”

Chief executive of the Down’s Syndrome Association, Carol Boys, said: “We are so grateful to the whole team at Wiltshire Police for all they did during Awareness Week 2017. As well as raising an amazing amount of money they certainly helped raise awareness with everyone from the Chief Constable to the dog section getting involved and wearing their #LotsOfSocks. Their support for the WorkFit programme has also been truly encouraging. Thank you from everyone at the Down’s Syndrome Association.”