Two Swindon off licenses have their licences revoked

Two off licences in Swindon have had their licences revoked after breaking the law over selling alcohol and tobacco.

Groszek Polski Sklep and EFES Off License, both on Manchester Road, were found to be in breach of a number of licensing laws and had them removed.

Groszek Polski Sklep breaches included:  no CCTV system installed, no “Challenge 21” scheme in place and no incident book (for the recording of complaints, incidents of disorder and refusal to supply alcohol etc.).

The breaches were highlighted during a Licensing Officers’ visit to the shop on 4 February 2017.  As officers entered the premises there was only one male present, who was serving behind the till; checks to the UK Immigration Office showed that he did not have permission to work in the UK.

EFES Off License breaches included:  no evidence of a weekly stock check of alcohol and tobacco.

These breaches were highlighted during a Licensing Officers’ visit to the shop on 8 December 2016.

Also, an illegal immigrant was found to be working on the premises and was arrested on 12 December 2016 – he is now being dealt with by the Immigration Department.

Owners of both premises have 21 days to appeal the revocations.

PC Mike Diffin, Wiltshire Police Licensing Officer:  “”This is another good example of us working successfully together with Swindon Borough Council and the wider community of Broadgreen – listening to the views and concerns of those living and working in the area.
“My message to local people is: Wiltshire Police Licensing Officers will continue to take action against any premises that are involved in criminality.

“Employing people illegally in the UK and those who do not have the right to work is deemed a serious breach of the licensing objectives and licence holders must ensure that thorough checks are made on staff before their employment.

“Licensees have a responsibility to comply with these objectives and failure to do so, as shown in these cases, will result in the ultimate sanction of the revocation of the premises’ licence.

“If you are concerned about any illegal activity taking place in shops and businesses in your area then contact us on 101 or anonymously, via Crimestoppers, on 0800 555 111 and we will investigate.”

Cllr Oliver Donachie, Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet Member responsible for Licensing, said:  “These two off licenses showed a blatant disregard for the licensing laws and were directly contributing to anti-social behaviour in the local neighbourhood by selling alcohol illegally and inappropriately.

“I hope the action we took, in partnership with our Wiltshire Police partners, will act as a deterrent to any establishments who are tempted to flout the law.”