RSPCA appeal after cat loses eye after being shot with a catapult

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a cat suffered serious injuries when he was
shot with a catapult in Swindon.

Five-year-old cat Sox was discovered with an injured eye by his owners Joan and Ron Schofield in Lineacre Close, Grange Park, Swindon on Wednesday, 12 July.

It was first thought he had been injured while fighting with another cat but when he was taken to a vets it was found that he had been shot with a ball bearing, thought to have
been fired by a catapult.

RSPCA inspector Steph Daly, who is investigating, said: “Thankfully Sox has survived the but has sadly lost his eye after being attacked.

“We are really keen to try and find out who is responsible and urge anyone who has any information about who did this to contact us in complete confidence on 0300 123

Mr Schofield spoke of his upset and anger after realising his beloved pet had been targeted as he appealed for anyone with information to contact the animal welfare charity.

He said: “My wife had taken him to see a vet after she spotted blood on his face around his eye.

She thought he’d been fighting but the vet discovered a ball bearing behind his left eye which we think had been fired at Sox from a catapult.

“He’s now recovering after his operation but we’re too petrified to let him back out. I can’t
understand how anyone could do this and hope someone knows who is responsible and gets in touch to stop this happening to another animal.”