Dash cam footage helps secure conviction against driver in Swindon

Dash cam footage has helped secure a conviction against a driver who jumped a red light.

The 31-year-old woman, of North Swindon, was caught driving through the red light on Thamesdown Drive on 14 October 2016.

On 27 March 2017, she pleaded guilty to the offence at Swindon Magistrates Court, and was ordered to pay £85 CPS costs and £30 victim surcharge, fined £92 and given three points on her licence.

Inspector Barry Reed said: “We were provided with dash cam footage by another motorist and this was hugely helpful in proving the offence took place and securing a conviction at court.

“This incident took place on Thamesdown Drive – a stretch of road which I am aware is a hot topic amongst local residents who have expressed concerns about red light jumpers and speeding.

“I’d like to encourage motorists to submit their dash cam footage to us if they feel they have been a witness to an alleged motoring offence – this footage could be really beneficial.

“If we can raise awareness of how helpful footage of this nature can be in prosecuting drivers, then it could help deter drivers from jumping red lights, making phone calls while behind the wheel or just generally driving dangerously.”

Footage can be sent to the Criminal Justice Unit (Traffic) at Gablecross and must be received within seven to 10 days of the incident taking place.