A reminder not to use your phone in traffic

As the country adjusts to the new driving laws that began March 1st 2017 it is important to be aware of what is an offence.

The new laws apply to anyone driving, or riding a motorbike. It is illegal to use a hand-held phone or similar device whilst driving a vehicle.

If you are stuck in traffic and seen to be using your phone this is still an offence and could result in 6 points on your license and a £200 fine.

The only time it is allowed to use a phone in/on your vehicle is:

  • When you are safely parked
  • When you need to call 99 or 112 in an emergency and it is unsafe or impractical to stop

For more information about what is allowed/not-allowed whilst driving please visit: https://www.gov.uk/using-mobile-phones-when-driving-the-law#58be951b4cde7