Your Guide to Clever Home Office Designs

Whether you work at home all the time or just now and then, having a dedicated space can help you be as productive as possible.

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To help you maintain focus and motivation, make it a room that you look forward to being in, rather than one that you avoid because of its tired look.

If you’re not sure where to fit an office area into the house, use the ideas below to start the brainstorming process.

Function over Form

Firstly, as you start to collect design ideas, make sure you always keep one thing in mind: function is most important.

While you want the room to be one that looks attractive and has a comfortable atmosphere, don’t let home makeovers get in the way of practicality. After all, you have a job to do in the room, and not meeting deadlines is never a good idea.

In Front of a Window

If you can’t find the wall space in the house to put a desk in front of, consider putting it in front of a large window. A thin wooden desk and a chair with an open back won’t obstruct a lot of the window.

Envision this desk in the hallway, at the side of the living room, or even in its own zone in the kitchen.

Loft Conversion

Take the unused loft area and convert it into a private office. The skylight or small window there adds natural light, and a recommended loft conversion company in Sussex can add heating along with designing an ideal workspace with you.

Create shelves from the structural elements and paint a feature wall to modernise the space.

Secret Nook

A nook can be a terrific work area that your guests won’t even know is there! It could be in the living room or the bedroom. 

Put shelving up in the nook and one thicker shelf at waist level to function as the desk surface.

Hang a curtain so that you can close the area off when it’s not in use or if you want to forget about the job for a while.

The Ultimate Corner

Do you have an empty corner in your living room and aren’t sure quite how to turn it into an office? Simply position a desk horizontally from the corner, so that when you sit in the chair you have your back to the corner and can look out across the room. 

Then let the house’s structure do the rest of the organisation as you put a bookcase against the wall or add floating shelves. Make the most of the vertical space. 

Final Words on Clever Offices

Whatever you decide design-wise, ensure that everyone living in the home agrees to the renovation to help make it something that’s welcomed and respected.

Then, when you explain that you must get some work done, they’re more likely to give you the privacy you need to complete projects.

Lastly, keep the space tidy to make it the most productive area possible. You won’t have to hunt for papers, which takes time out of the workday, and you’ll feel happier when you’re not surrounded by clutter.