Warning Signs That Indicate It Could Be Time To Separate

Okay, the past few months have been difficult. We get it, and we’re here to help.

The last thing any married couple would want is to deal with a divorce.

knowing when to break up

But the truth is, it is best sometimes to move on to a better future. You might have been contemplating divorce for some time, but now you may be seriously looking at your options to decide if divorce is the way out for you.

So, how do you tell if your marriage is ‘going south?’ How to know if it’s time to take the call?

Before you start fretting over these questions, we’d like to help. We have shared six warning signs that may indicate it’s best to get a divorce and move on.

Take a look.

You’re Out Of Ideas

You may have been into countless arguments, enrolled in numerous counseling sessions and shared it all with your close friends. Alas, everything you tried to make your marriage work is not working.

This is where you should know that a divorce can be the best option.

You Lack Happiness

A good relationship is one where the couple is happy most of the time. While every couple will have disagreements and fights, the majority of the time, things are peaceful.

But if you think that your partner is unreliable, critical, hostile, or shut down most of the time, it could mean trouble. Other negative signs include your partner being responsive, lazy, or incompetent.

If you’ve tried to talk to them about it, but in vain, you may consider separating from them.

There is a Lack of Intimacy or Spark

Healthy marriages should have intimacy and attraction (sexual or mental). Many marriages have been through difficulties or dry spells.

However, if your spouse isn’t getting excited seeing you of late and doesn’t want to be intimate or have a sexual relationship with you, it’s a red flag.

You Look To Avoid Your Partner Always

Do you stay in your car when you come home from work for no reason? Are you finding yourself wanting to spend more time with friends and family?

Ask yourself – are you avoiding your partner for real? If the answer is yes, you know this could be a sign of a significant change in your life.

You’re There Because of the Kids

Divorce can be a difficult experience, especially for young children. If you and your spouse are not happy and the only reason to be together is to protect your kids, unfortunately, this isn’t a good reason.

Your children will not want you to be unhappy for them as they get older. It’s better for everyone if you are honest with yourself and with your children.

Your Gut Is Telling You To Go For It

Your gut instinct may be telling you to go if your stomach feels always knotted.

Your stomach can always feel knotted about the situation. Your gut keeps telling you that you aren’t doing the right thing by staying. Guess what?

The gut feeling is usually right. Our gut doesn’t discriminate between decisions based on situations. It only tells us what we “need” to hear, not what we “want” to hear.

So, if your gut is suggesting a divorce, you may want to consider going for it.

Final Word

Every relationship is unique. It takes effort, trust and patience for two people to keep it going in the best way possible.

The silver lining is, you can resolve any number of the above-stated signs with proper communication. However, if you’re convinced that separation is the final resort, don’t hesitate to go for it. It will be suitable for everyone.

Also, don’t forget to change your name after the divorce using a deed poll. This will eliminate any confusion in the paperwork in your new life.

We hope you sort out your ongoing issues!