The top 10 Things to do That Don’t Involve Alcohol

Many may want to reduce or quit alcohol, but get their boldest move is delayed by the worries of ‘what will I do to have fun?’ Surprisingly, there are a plethora of activities that can keep us entertained without the worry of next day hangovers among a series of other mix-ups.

These include:

Know your geography



Are you conversant with every street within your vicinity? If you are convinced that you do, try out different jigsaw puzzles such as the Nat Geo ‘My Town’ map puzzle that lets you discover the hidden treasures in your locality. You could unearth new fascinating spots and end perhaps spending some substantial time visiting them.

Get sporting



It doesn’t have to be something sophisticated like the rigorous training professional sportsmen and women go through. Simple acts such as throwing a ball around in your garden with the kids or gathering a few friends to the park for a tennis game count.

Appreciate and experience culture



Every city or a given people have some identity they associate with. If you are yet to dig much into the details of your town or local community, take time and tour the cultural museums, especially at night. There’s some form of energy that strikes one with a good feeling in museums at night.  

Sober gaming parties



Whether you are a lady or gentleman, there are those games that you enjoy playing with your peers. In fact, it could be more fun and nostalgic if you decide to explore those games that made your childhood unfathomably interesting.

Start focusing on self-improvement goals you’ve been postponing



We all have different aspirations that we are yet to actualise. Cultivating new positive habits, developing responsible financial practices, starting a business, getting into a masterclass of some sought; name them all. Attending to such ambitions could be a workable gateway to stop drinking.

Nature a skill or hobby



Have you ever thought of naturing some DIY skill such as carpentry or welding that could get you fixing things around your home without relying on any professional support? If not a skill, then it could be a hobby that you’ve been neglecting for long. Cultivating a craft or hobby can not only acquaint you with discoveries but could also turn into income.

Try out some culinary arts with friends



If you have been looking forward to inviting your friends for a sleepover party, then some of the things that can keep the moments lit is experimenting with various culinary arts whenever you meet. You could make this a regular venture and even incorporate your families to share the joy.

Volunteer your free time



Free times are grant one of the best opportunities to give back to the community. Helping run one or two activities in a volunteer group during your leisure times also comes with a great sense of fulfillment.

All night movie marathons



In place of alcohol driven social events, you could host all-night movie marathons where your friends come with their favourite old-school movies. It could be a good way of revisiting the old times’ memories.




Finally, there are times we all need to think and strategise on different things. Rather than going out and getting overworked, you could take time to rest as you ponder upon beautiful things.