The Best Ways to Enjoy The British Countryside

With plenty of places to visit and purse-strings becoming ever tighter, more and more people are spending their holidays in Britain. It’s no surprise when you consider that the United Kingdom has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. If you and your family are looking to spend your summer holidays in the British Isles and make the most of the short-lived warm weather, then here are some good ways to enjoy what the UK has to offer.

Caravan or motorhome

Going on holiday via caravan or motorhome is one of the most traditional British holidays you could possibly have. It harks back to retro images of families enjoying a picnic beside the motorway and setting up camp beside the seaside. The dream is still possible, and in fact, there’s never been a better time to experiment with this affordable way of holidaying. If you want to get help buying a campervan, then using an online service to work out your finance costs before applying is one of the best ways to go about this. If you’ve never toured in a caravan, or the idea of setting up an awning seems relatively alien, then there are plenty of pages offering advice for beginning from seasoned caravan holiday-makers.

Travel by train

If you want to watch the countryside fly-by while venturing to your holiday destination, then travelling by train is one of the best ways to do this. Britain is lucky enough to have brilliant transport connections across its length and breadth, and so during the holidays is one of the best times to make the most of it. Regardless of how far away your destination is, you can sit back and enjoy the journey – and the view.

Visit somewhere new

Some people spent their childhoods holidaying in the British countryside, and so might be relatively familiar with the diversity that the United Kingdom has to offer. For those who have spent most of their holidays abroad, there is no time like the present to start exploring some of Britain’s most beautiful landscapes. The Western Highlands offers dramatic sweeping mountains with secret waterfalls while the Welsh Valleys offer plunging valleys with vibrant greenery.

It’s not just the mainland that Britain has to offer either – the UK also has some of the most beautiful coastal regions in the world. If you fancy a more traditional Pick-a-Mix and theme park seaside, then Great Yarmouth and Scarborough have plenty to offer. If you’re after sandy beaches with brilliant surf, then Bude in Cornwall has some of the most stunning beaches to visit. Chesil Beach in Dorset, although not sandy, is a striking shingle beach in a lovely part of the country.

While many might not think of Britain’s weather as summer-holiday perfect as the likes of Greece or the Bahamas, it still has plenty to offer during the summer months. By avoiding travelling in our own country we avoid seeing some of its most beautiful countryside and historical monuments. Before you go browsing the sandy package holidays, explore what the British Isles has to offer.