Practical Tips For Parents Home-Schooling Kids Of Various Ages

With schools closed to combat the spread of COVID-19, and plans to stagger their reopening set to keep many kids at home for months to come, parents face a future filled with home-schooling challenges. 

children home schooling

One of the biggest issues many parents face is the issue of teaching children of different ages. If you have more than one child, and they are each in different years, then you could find yourself juggling various home-schooling strategies. 

For many parents, this will be exacerbating the stress you’re already feeling as a result of this unprecedented situation. To help you overcome this issue, we’ve put together a list of top tips that should make it easier to handle schooling children of all ages. 

Create A Safe Space For Them To Work In

One of the most important things you need to do, no matter how many kids you have or what ages they are, is to create a productive working space for them. Make sure that it doesn’t have any distractions, and is quiet, clean and tidy. 

Set out all of their working equipment and books, so that they have everything they need close at hand and don’t have to keep getting up and stopping work. 

If there is a significant age gap between your children, then consider separating the younger ones from the older so that the older kids can concentrate and the little ones can make as much noise as they want. 

Invest In Professional Private Tutors

If one of your children is working towards taking their GCSEs, A-Levels or another important exam that could decide what university they’re able to apply to, then consider getting them a private tutor.

 As you’re not a professional teacher, you won’t be able to provide them with the expert support they need, so find a tutor who can help them with the subjects they’re struggling with. 

One site worth looking into is The Profs, which is an innovative online platform that allows you to find the perfect tutor for your child, meaning that you can get them on the road towards success without putting in any extra effort. 

They cover an extensive range of subjects so if there is a particular area your child is struggling with, you can get them an expert tutor who can transform their learning. 

Schedule Regular Breaks

Making your children work hard all day without a break will make them tired, grumpy and frustrated, as well as resentful of you. Much like adults, children need regular breaks and a chance to relax and unwind. 

Schedule breaks into their daily routine and make sure that they get the chance to have fun during them, so that they can go back to their school work feeling refreshed and raring to go again. 

Make Use Of All The Resources At Your Disposal

Remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself. Most schools have created resources for students to use when working from home, and there are also a variety of free home-schooling solutions online

Use these resources to your advantage to give your kids tasks that are tailored to their age group. These resources will save you time, meaning that you can get on with all the other tasks that you need to take care of safely in the knowledge that your children are learning and working towards creating a bright future for themselves.  

Be Kind To Yourself And Your Children

Home-schooling can be very tough, and when combined with the other stresses that the pandemic is bringing, it might lead you to find yourself verging on a breakdown over the coming months. 

It’s crucial that you stay strong, and remember that you are doing your best and that this situation will be over soon. 

You also need to take it easy on your children and remember that they too are struggling with all the changes that they’re experiencing. 

Support them and try not to be too hard on yourself or your children, so that you can all get through this situation and enjoy continued good mental wellbeing.