London In A Day: What To Do

The capital city of England is growing at an exponential rate, and with that has came an even greater influx of culture, cuisine and entertainment. As panto season is finishing, London is ramping up for even more activities in the spring and summer.

Making the trip to The Big Smoke makes for a perfect opportunity to see, taste and try things you otherwise don’t get the opportunity to access outside of the big city. Here are a few things that make for a unique visit and are bound to be crowd-pleasers.

A proper breakfast

Why just stick to avocado on toast or the full English when you’re in the centre of restaurant excellence. Going to renowned breakfast restaurants like the Breakfast Club Soho is the perfect way to start your day in London. After all, there’s nothing worse than tackling a big city with an empty stomach and a light head. Unique specialities like the ‘Chorizo Hash’ and ‘Huevos Rancheros’ will keep your tummies full and everyone talking. This join has multiple locations too, so depending on where you’re based, there might be one within walking or tube-stop distance.

The Portrait Gallery

London’s National Portrait Gallery is a surprisingly good compromise if you have split opinions on what makes for good art. Classic paintings can be found on the top floor and more contemporary and striking portraits can be found in their other collections and one-off exhibitions. Going to their rooftop restaurant for some cocktails also provides some breath-taking views of the city.

China town for dinner

You could argue that most cities have a China Town, but London’s particularly takes the cake. If you’re a devotee of Chinese cuisine, and a simple sweet and sour chicken just will not do, then China Town is bound to be your heaven. Dim sum lovers will be satisfied by a plethora of restaurants offering different types of dumpling, and those looking for a large hot-pot to share will also find a restaurant with their name on it. Those who are looking for ‘authentic’ Chinese food will also be pleasantly surprised by the varieties of menus on offer.

Keep it classic with a show

London’s West End is famous not just because of its glittering light and celebrity cameos, but because of its sheer variety. You can even pop into the Japan Centre in Piccadilly for a browse among some beautiful and intricate Japanese crockery and souvenirs ­– and maybe even some traditional snacks, too – before hitting the main strip for some entertainment. Britain’s most famous comedy club, The Comedy Store and other London musicals are there for the taking, but settling on which is your favourite might be the tricky part.

If there’s any big tip for a London day out – it’s keeping yourself well fed. With so much to do and see you’ll want to make sure you have a full belly, and maybe even a few coffees along the way. Whether you go an appreciate some unusual modern art, visit a war museum or enjoy a big West End show, you’re bound to have a tiring but fantastic day.