An Introduction To a Night Out in Swindon

Swindon may be surrounded by England’s sleepy countryside, but it is still a bustling town with plenty to do. Nestled between Bristol and London, Swindon can be a popular stop for UK tourists looking to travel a bit off the beaten path.

As with any town that sees its fair share of visitors, Swindon has developed a unique nightlife scene that is worth checking out on your next visit.

However, not many of the spots worth your time scream tourist destination (which is a good thing).

Many of the best bars are occupied primarily by locals, and there are no larger-than-life clubs that magnetically draw tourists. Thus, it can be a good idea to look into your options ahead of time.

Read on for our brief guide to nightlife in Swindon!

As far and bars and clubs are concerned, you will likely gravitate towards Old Town for a wider selection of buzzing evening spots.

Cocktail bars come a dime a dozen in this area, and we are not complaining. One of our favourites is called 1101, an establishment that boasts an unhurried and sophisticated atmosphere, and where you can have a delicious espresso martini to fuel the rest of your night out.

That said, if you prefer beer over liquor, you might instead check out one of the few craft beer spots in the area, The Tuppenny.

There you’ll find a quaint beer garden, which is the perfect place to relax with friends after a day of exploring the area.

Once you’ve had a couple of drinks, you may feel inclined to hit up some more lively spots to enjoy some music and a more active crowd. One of the most popular spots, Suju, has been around for more than a decade.

There you will find live music, DJs, occasional comedy performers, and lots of dancing – pretty much any night of the week.

If you’re not confident in your dance moves though, and would prefer to show off your voice with some karaoke, Star Bar is without a doubt the best place for you (and on Fridays you can sing your lungs out until 3am!).

Our last recommendation in the club category, meanwhile, is Tree Nightclub. Even though this spot only opened a few years ago, it has quickly soared to the top of the social scene and has become one of the most popular Old Town clubs.

This spot is reminiscent of the glamorous nightclubs you see in larger European cities, with luxurious VIP booths, ridiculous drink deals, low pink and purple lighting, and an extremely stylish crowd.

If you’re up for this sort of scene, don’t hesitate to stop by Tree!

Finally, if you’re looking for a more interactive night out with less singing and dancing, you might consider checking out Buzz Bingo, a gaming venue in Swindon with both bingo games and slot machines.

Many of these types of games have been adapted digitally to UK casino sites, so if you’re familiar with them, odds are it might be in video game form.

But it can actually be refreshing to play some of these types of games in a
public facility where there’s a social component to things.

That, plus the fact that you can always sip a drink or two while you play the games, makes this a worthy inclusion on your nightlife list if you’re more interested in low-key
activity over dancing or singing the night away.

Whether you’re visiting from nearby or are traveling from far away, we hope you now feel well equipped to have a fun night out in Swindon!

It may not be your main destination, but it’s a charming stop as you explore the country, and there’s plenty to do there after dark.