Hypnotherapist flies high with Heart Radio Wiltshire

Listening to a recent Heart radio breakfast show, Swindon-based hypnotherapist Helen Breward heard them announce a competition for one lucky winner to be helped with their fear of flying.

The station already had a psychologist, a flight simulator and a small aircraft at Kemble Airfield lined up to help the winner get over their phobia. Hearing all this Helen contacted the station to offer her help – assistance that was gladly accepted.

Helen explained that much of the fear that people feel around flying comes in advance of the actual flight causing anxiety to build up. In addition, there’s an element of claustrophobia. ‘After all’ said Helen, ‘once you’re up in the air there’s no getting out of the situation.’ Helen went on to explain that she knew she could make a difference to the winner’s fear of flying by showing them techniques to prevent the anxiety from building up and to deal with the feelings of claustrophobia.

The competition winner Louise, texted the show to share her recent experience. She and her husband were on a plane, taxiing down the runway ready for take-off. But, so great was Louise’s fear that she had to get the pilot to turn the plane around so she could get off.

That drastic action delayed 200 other passengers and Louise and her husband lost their £1,500 holiday.

The ultimate aim of the contest was to get the winner not just up in the air in a small aircraft, but to take the controls of the plane!

But of course, Louise had to undergo several steps before she got to that point. The first of which was to have several hypnotherapy sessions with Helen. When the whole process was complete and Louise had made her flight, she had this to say of her sessions with Helen: ‘I saw Helen for a few sessions. They were amazing – really, really calming and helped me a lot. Today I faced my fears and went up in a little aircraft. 6 months ago, there’s no way I would’ve been able to do that. The hypnotherapy got me through it. The breathing techniques and everything Helen taught me to visualize got me there. Thank you.’

The peak holiday season is approaching and if you’d like to reach for the skies but, like Louise, have a fear of flying to any degree, then clinical hypnotherapy from Helen could well help you too.

Louise’s fear was, it’s fair to say, extreme, but she achieved the goal of getting in the air and taking the controls of a plane.

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