How to plan the perfect workation in 2021

With many of us now working from home as a result of the coronavirus, it can become a little draining to sit and stare at the same four walls all day.

working from home

Although some have the ability to move from room to room to try and keep things interesting, many don’t have the luxury. So, why not treat yourself to a workation this year?

What is a workation?

While the acronym WFH has historically stood for “Working From Home”, it’s now beginning to take on another meaning: “Working From Hotel”.

The many lockdowns and quarantines has forced non-essential workers to adapt their homes and transform them into office spaces, but thanks to Zoom fatigue and people beginning to feel stir-crazy sitting at home all day, hotels are beginning to pitch very tempting proposals!

Why not take a workation that blends business and pleasure effortlessly? Let’s face it, you have to work remotely anyway, so why not do it from a swanky hotel or with sandy beaches on your doorstep?

What destinations can you travel to?

It’s worth double checking the government’s current rules and regulations for when you’re wanting to travel, as these might restrict where you can and can’t go.

There are hotels far and wide that are offering these luxury stays, mixing business with pleasure and offering everything to guests on a silver platter.

From hotels in the next town or city to those all the way in Mexico, Santa Barbara and Aspen, you’ll be able to hop on your Zoom calls with the most impressive backgrounds, with room service at the push of a button.

Planning out your leisure and work elements

It can often be challenging to differentiate pleasure from work when you’re working from your home. Hotels and resorts offer that little something different.

With the ability to pop for a swim or to the spa at lunch time, dine on some delicious food after work and sit sipping bubbles as you watch the sun set, it’s easy to see why so many are opting to partake in this new trend.

Many offer specialist packages that include lunch time activities and even a no-contact service to ensure you and their staff are as protected as possible.

Unwind after a long day of working in front of breath-taking views with a cocktail or beer before tucking into a gourmet dinner cooked by the in house chefs.

What are the costs?

The costs will vary heavily depending on where you travel to.

If you stick to the UK you’re unlikely to have the cost of flights, whereas if you travel further afield you’ll have air travel to pay for.

Weigh up your options as the deals you find abroad may be much more cost effective than staying locally!

One of the major things you will have to consider however, are any tax, working rights and pay differences with working abroad. Speaking to specialists who have a wealth of experience in this area, will allow you to make your decision with ease.