How to Modernise Your Home’s Disabled Access

If you are living with a physical disability, you might be eager to make alterations to your home to improve your quality of life.

Rather than settling for outdated systems and mobility aids that provide limited support, you should take advantage of the new technologies and tools that have been added onto the market to transform people’s independence.

To make your life much easier within your property, read the following tips on how to modernise your home’s disabled access.

Install or Modernise a Home Lift

If climbing the stairs is becoming a struggle, you can improve access to your bedrooms and upstairs bathroom by installing a home lift. If, however, you already have a lift within your property, you could boost its performance, aesthetics and comfort through lift modernisation. To install or modernise a residential lift, get professionals such as Terry Lifts in to do it for you.

Apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant

Many people are often reluctant to make modern upgrades to their home’s disabled access, as they might believe they don’t have the finances to make the necessary alterations. However, you could be entitled to receive a disabled facilities grant from your local authority, as they can help fund the changes to boost your independence within the home.

For example, the grant could fund the following alterations:

  • The installation of a ramp
  • Widening of doors
  • Suitable kitchen and bathroom facilities for your needs
  • A ground floor bathroom installation

It is common for the local authority to consult an occupational therapist to identify the necessary work required within your home. They will also consider both the age and condition of your property.

Transform Your Exterior

While modernising your interior for improved disabled access is important, you also shouldn’t overlook your exterior.

For example, you can support your mobility once you leave the home by:

  • Installing a permanent or non-fixed ramp at your property’s entrance
  • Widening exterior doorways for wheelchair access
  • Fitting grab rails at the entrance of your property
  • Requesting a wide car parking space

If you rent your property, you can request reasonable adjustments from your landlord to help you overcome physical obstacles both inside and outside of your property under the Disability Discrimination Act.

Install a Communication System

If answering the door is a struggle, it might be time to invest in a communication system that will allow you to talk to visitors with ease and decide who to let into your home.

For example, a door-entry intercom can help you to identify who is at the door before you answer it. You also could install a video doorbell to view who is at the door, and some modern systems even feature a button to grant access to your home from the comfort of your seat.

So, if you want to improve your quality of life within your property, look for ways to modernise your disabled access, which can support independent living and make you feel happy and safe inside your home.