How to Make This Father’s Day Special

With June surprisingly close it’s time for you to start thinking about Father’s Day. Due to current circumstances, this year might be different than normal but that doesn’t have to stop you from celebrating the day.

father and daughter

There are plenty of things you can do to make Father’s Day special and show just how much you care about your dad. 

Gifts and Cards 

One of the most traditional ways you can show someone you care about them is by getting them a thoughtful gift or a card. You don’t have to blow the budget with this either.

Sometimes the most special gifts are the simple ones, with lots of love behind them.

You could get a photo album with your favourite memories or bake him a sweet treat. Don’t forget the card, either.

It’s important to tell our loved ones how we feel, and a card is a perfect place to let someone know you care

Quality Time

One of the best gifts you can give someone is your time. Right now you might not able to see your dad, but you could make a promise of things you’re going to do later.

You could get him a posh bottle of booze with two glasses – specifically for the two of you to drink together and catch up.

You could promise an hour of time to help in the garden or go on a bike ride. Think of your dad’s hobbies and indulge them. It’s a win-win because he gets to spend time with you while doing something he loves. 

Get Creative

This year you might have to flex your creativity muscles to celebrate Father’s Day. Whether you want to mark the occasion online or try a social distancing barbecue in person, you can still figure out a way to celebrate.

You could use it as an excuse to try something you wouldn’t normally do: order from restaurants online you haven’t tried before, try a new walk in the neighbourhood, or have your own family happy hour with homemade cocktails.

Like with everything in this list, keep your dad in mind and pick something you know will make him happy. 

No matter what you end up doing this Father’s Day, as long as you celebrate with your family that’s the main thing.

Your dad will be so grateful you’ve gone to so much thought and effort to make his day special. What are you doing for Father’s Day this year?