How to find the best deals this Cyber Monday (2019)

The holidays always seem to flow into one another at this time of the year, and it’s hard to keep up with all the do’s, don’ts, deals, and discounts. Especially when Cyber Monday rolls around with massive deals on tech products from thousands of online retailers every year.

Cyber Monday Deals on Laptop

To avoid some common mistakes and stay on top of the best Cyber Monday deals, follow these expert shopper tips.

Black Friday has, to an extent, expanded to online sales as well, but the sales at physical stores are still most brands’ main focus on that day. Cyber Monday, on the other hand, deals mainly in online discounts, and it’s when online retailers officially open up their holiday sales.

Cyber Monday deals aren’t restricted to tech products like TVs, gaming consoles, computers, and appliances. Though most of the discounts usually revolve around electronics.

People love Cyber Monday because there are no long lines, no getting up early (unless they
really want to), and no bumping and jostling from other shoppers. Everything can be browsed and bought from the comfort of their homes or workplaces.

Even so, Cyber Monday can do a lot of harm to people’s budgets if they don’t plan ahead. It can also be very dangerous to their lives in general – thanks to prevalent cyber-attacks.

These Cyber Monday shopping tips will cover both planning ahead for the best deals and how to stay safe while shopping online.

1. Make a List of Wanted Items and Budget Ahead

Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean it’s a good buy. Cyber Monday deals are only good so long as the person buying those items were planning on buying them anyway.

Otherwise, it becomes a big, unnecessary expense that puts a strain on that person’s budget or savings.

So plan ahead and list important items to look out for instead.

Create a budget to go along with that and stick to it so that there’s no chance of overspending. Days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are only ever worth it when people don’t spend more than their means.

2. Set up Alerts For Big Ticket Items

Having to manually go through every retailer’s website on the big day can be time-consuming and exhausting. The easiest way to stay on top of Cyber Monday deals is to set up an alert system that sends notifications of website changes and sales.

There are easy to use deal-tracking websites and apps that can be set up to notify their users when certain items are on sale.

Set this up a few months or weeks beforehand for the option to compare these prices to Cyber Monday deals. This way, it’s also much easier to see when a deal is actually good or just a rehash of a previous discount.

3. Sign Up For Newsletters

Every (good) online retailer will have a newsletter where they share the latest deals and

This will come in handy short before and during Cyber Monday when retailers will share their biggest deals via their newsletter and let people plan ahead.

4. Look At Previous Cyber Monday Sales

Get an idea of what lies ahead by looking at last year’s sale. It won’t be a perfect indication of this year’s Cyber Monday (especially since tech product life cycles are so short).

But, it will still provide some insight into what retailers are likely to do this year, and how low they’re willing to go price-wise.

5. Use a Price Comparison Website or App

There are a lot of great price comparison tools out there that can help make Cyber Monday a little less overwhelming. They’ll do most of the legwork so shoppers can easily compare prices between retailers and pick the best deal.

Don’t forget to take shipping into account – many online retailers offer free shipping on Cyber Monday sales.

6. Browse For Deals Anonymously

Online vendors know a lot about the people who shop with them, more than most people might realise.

Websites collect a lot of cookies and use trackers to build a profile of their visitors and
charge them accordingly. This is particularly true for people who visit their favourite retailers regularly.

Browsing these websites in private or incognito mode instead can help. Use a VPN alongside that for additional protection – not just for snooping retailers, but also against a slew of online attacks.

Cybercrime goes up monumentally on this day, and a VPN can help prevent identity theft and stolen credit card details. What is a VPN?

It’s an app that routes internet traffic through an encrypted server, which keeps others from accessing the connection.

VPNs are great for multiple reasons, but Cyber Monday shoppers can definitely
benefit from using one.

The Bottom Line

Finding the best Cyber Monday deals doesn’t have to be a slog through hundreds of offers and hourly updates.

People can find what they want for a reasonable price with these tips. Some of these principles can be translated to Black Friday shopping as well, like planning ahead and signing up for newsletters.