Hobbies that take little or no money to start doing

If you’re simply trying to save money each month or you want to try something new, hobbies are a great way to bring a little more joy and excitement into your life.

women painting at home

If you often find yourself sitting aimlessly watching the TV on a night, why not pick yourself up and see what else you could do?

A hobby doesn’t have to cost the earth; there are several out there that cost very little or no money to start doing! Say hello to more fun, creativity and wellness with one of these hobbies.

Drawing or painting

Do you have a bit of an artistic talent? You could turn that previous love of yours into a fully fledged hobby. Not sure if you can draw or paint? 

Don’t worry! Anyone can learn to draw, it simply takes time, practice and patience. This kind of hobby also allows your mind to relax and is pretty effortless as far as activities go. 

If you have a pencil and paper at home, then you’re ready to start. But if you want to take it a bit more seriously, you may want to head to your local stationery specialist and grab yourself some thicker paper and an array of pencils.

Learn a language

It’s true what they say, you’re never really too old to learn a new skill, and the same applies to languages. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Learning a new language doesn’t have to cost either. With a number of free resources out there, such as Duolingo, you can learn for free forever!

Cooking or baking

Of course, a hobby like this will set you back a little bit financially, but it really doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Try your hand at big-batch cooking or meal prepping to be cost-effective, or learn how to make meals from leftovers! The possibilities are endless.

Plus, once you’ve got a little bit of equipment, it actually becomes much cheaper than eating out. And if you have a family, you can transform this into quality time you spend together. 


One of the most rewarding (and free) hobbies you can possibly do is volunteering. Not only do you feel good by giving back to a cause that’s local or that matters to you, you may even make new friends and learn new things along the way. 

Giving back to your community, helping those who are most vulnerable, is a great use of your spare time and you could really make a difference to someone else’s life.

No matter what hobby you decide to take up, make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy in the long-term. Hobbies are great and can provide many benefits to your mental health as well as the wellbeing of others.

Whether you have to invest in a bit of kitchen equipment and pay it back monthly, or if your new pastime involves no starting costs at all, why not make this year the year you do something for you?