Design Trend Must-Haves For Your Kitchen And Bathroom

2020 is the year of de-cluttering and defining personal design styles that break the boundaries of form and function.

kitchen area

Comfort and tranquillity have been underscoring design trends this year as more people work from home.

The grey-on-grey trends are swapped out for grand millennial style as comfort takes centre stage. Swindon strikes a perfect balance between the traditional styles of the nearby Cotswolds and the more modern, urban trends of city life.

This allows homeowners to experiment a little with some design crossovers, and where better to test the waters that kitchens and bathrooms?

Rich, Earthy Tones

Design trends are leaning towards sustainability in more ways than simply incorporating bamboo and hemp somewhere in the process.

Homes are also starting to see earthy colours deck out walls and floors, with textiles imitating nature as much as possible. For homeowners, it’s about more than just honouring nature with your interior design: you’re also actively inviting the outdoors inside.

For those who aren’t quite ready for the richness of burnt sienna or dark granite, there are softer, more muted colour palettes such as sandy beiges and soft, warm greys to complement neutral colour schemes.

These neutral themes also include furnishings.

Practical Flooring With A Natural Touch

While hardwood and laminate flooring are still pretty much in, other flooring types are adding to that textured, natural look.

Handmade terracotta tiles bring warmth to bathrooms and kitchens that tend to be on the cool side and provide a touch of drama to space. These tiles, along with rough-hewn stone floors are a great look for country or farm-style kitchens.

They also tend to work well in other areas of the house, allowing for uniformity. Those who want something a little more contemporary can look into ceramic.

Modern design is very forgiving of treated cement flooring or tiling that looks like concrete, which can easily be incorporated both inside and outside. The flooring can be adapted to different colour palettes, thanks to tinting, and the curing process can leave a high-gloss finish.
The cement flooring is also forgiving on the pocket.

Japani And New Deco

Two strong themes that eco through design trends for the year include the simplicity of Japanese-inspired interiors, including furnishings, and New Deco, which is set to replace Art Deco.

These styles rely heavily on well-made furniture with simple yet strong lines. The look is clutter-free and elegant, allowing the occupants the head space to move freely about in their space.

It allows residents to focus on more than just what’s happening in their environment. This sparks peace and tranquillity inside the home. It also allows for simplistic soft furnishings and ornaments, which make both design styles ideal for those who wish to practice minimalism.

For those who wish to incorporate these designs in their own space, it’s important to stick as close to the original design intention as possible. Combining too many styles, for instance, can make the space feel cluttered, even when it’s not.

Design trends in 2020 pay respect to the occupants of the space. Comfort and tranquillity are major themes that resonate through these styles, with a sharp focus on the environment and going back to basics.