Celebrate Galentine’s Day with These 5 Gifts

If you’re not a fan of Valentine’s Day, then perhaps Galentine’s Day is more for you. We all need a reason to celebrate, so why not do so with these Galentine’s Day gifts?

Galentines Day gifts

A small gift can have a big impact on your friends, so a little bit of thought can go a long way. Here’s how to make your Galentine’s Day perfect.


Chocolate is the ideal gift for any occasion. It fits any mood, and let’s face it, there are very few people who don’t love it.

Galentine’s Day should be about enjoying the finer qualities in life, and chocolate is certainly one of them, so bring enough to share! A little chocolate goes a long way, and is a great present for everyone to share and enjoy.

Some Good Books 

With a book subscription from headymix.co.uk, you can give a gift that brings joy to your friend month after month.

A book club will make sure your friend has always got great options when it comes to finding a new book to read, and you might even be able to borrow the best ones once they’re finished!

Reading is a great activity that can be as relaxing as it is challenging. Gifting books can open your friends up to so many wonderful ideas, so it’s a great Galentine’s Day gift to consider.

A Memory 

Gifts don’t necessarily have to be physical items; they can also be experiences. A great gift that you can get someone special for Galentine’s Day is an experience they’re going to cherish.

This could be booking an activity, going on a trip or simply spending time together over a nice meal, but it will create a lasting memory.

We all love to look back on some of our favourite days, so why not add to the collection of great memories by gifting an experience?

Think about the activities you love to do together and start making plans.


Bring the gift of music to your Galentine’s Day celebration by paying for your friend’s subscription to a music service.

You might want to pay for the first couple of months, or maybe even a whole year, and this will give your friend the ability to discover what’s on offer and decide whether they want to keep up the subscription.

No party is complete without a great playlist, so give your friends the power to expand their musical interests.

It’s a simple gift, but one that will be warmly received.

A Movie

It’s hard to beat a night in with a nice drink, some good chocolate and an entertaining movie!

If you’re going to have a nice quiet Galentine’s Day, then it can be fun to relax together with a movie that everyone will love, so put some effort into picking the perfect one. Choosing the right movie can be a huge hassle, so take the legwork out of it by bringing one over as a gift.

If you can’t physically be with everyone, then why not try virtually coming together to watch a movie?