A Guide to Getting Your First Car in Swindon

Passing your driving test can be one of the scariest and most exciting times of your life. As, once passed, you’ll have the freedom to drive around alone and be independent – no more asking for lifts or using public transport!

For young drivers in Swindon, it’s been said that doing your driving test on a Sunday gives you the best chance of success. Although you should focus on nailing all your maneuverers and feeling relaxed behind the wheel, so that you’ll ace your test on whatever day you choose.

Then, when you have your full licence, you can start thinking about that first car! Before you hit the dealerships though, have a look at our top tips for first time buyers:

Know Your Budget

Before you start looking at cars, it’s sensible to set yourself a budget for your car. Allocate an amount of money you can afford to spend on a car a month and stick to this. Remember, that your monthly budget doesn’t just include your car payments, you’ll also have the running costs of your car like:

  • Road tax
  • Car insurance
  • MOT test
  • Fuel
  • Breakdown cover
  • Extra unforeseen costs – such as tyres, lights needing replaced etc.

Once you have a monthly budget in mind, always tell any car dealership a lower value. That way, when they might show you a car above that budget, you’ll have a little wiggle room. The last thing you want is to be shown a car that you love, but cannot afford.

Explore Insurance Policies

A lot of young drivers – and their parents – presume that their insurance premium will be large, so they accept the first quote that they receive. In actuality, half of 17-24-year olds could save up to £263 on their car insurance when they decide to shop around.

Young Swindon drivers can also save money on insurance quotes by fitting a black box in their car. These boxes will record various aspects of your driving such as:

  • Your speed on different types of road
  • If you accelerate or brake erratically
  • How much you use a motorway
  • If you take breaks on a long drive

This data is collected to ascertain how safely you drive, with safer drivers receiving a lower insurance premium.

Look Around a Number of Dealerships

Once you’ve passed your test and agreed a budget, actually finding a car is the easiest part. Especially when there are numerous car dealerships in the area that sell quality used cars, like CarShop Swindon.

Different dealerships will have differing used cars, so always shop around – your perfect first car might be waiting for you at the next dealership!

Depending on your budget, you may also want to look at new cars too. Certain types of new car, when bought with PCP, can actually be quite affordable.

Plus, you won’t need to MOT a new car for the first three years and your new car will come with a warranty, which can give you peace of mind that you won’t have expensive mechanic bills.

You can also choose to buy a car privately, but keep in mind that these cars don’t come with the same legal assurances as cars bought from a dealership. So, for safety when buying your first car, it’s often best to stick with a dealership.

Take Your Car for a Test Run

Taking a car for a test run can be daunting, especially on the busy roads of Swindon, however it’s essential that you take any car – especially a used one – for a quick test run to make sure you like how it drives.

If you’re too nervous, ask a family member to do the test run for you, letting you have a quick turn in a quiet area or car park.

Choose Your Car!

Once you’ve found that perfect first car, it’s time to get the paperwork done. Remember, before you sign anything, that you run an insurance quote on your chosen car to ensure it stays within budget. Then, get all the paperwork completed and get ready to drive away in your first car!