5 Exciting Jobs for Car Lovers

If you’re a bit of a petrolhead and feel that your working life needs a change in direction, why not go down the car career route? You can turn your passion into a profession in a number of different ways. Whether it’s fixing cars up that gets you excited or the act of actually driving them that gets your engines revving, there’s plenty of exciting jobs out there for you to choose from.

Here are five of the most exciting:

1. Taxi driving

If you love meeting and speaking to new people each day, and if you prefer being out on the roads rather than being stuck in an office, then why not become a taxi driver? By doing so, you’ll make a living out of doing what you love the most: driving.

If you do decide to take the taxi profession route, then you need to ensure that you insure yourself. By not taking the time to compare taxi insurance quotes and find the one that suits you the most (depending on whether you’re private or public and on what car you drive), you could find yourself driving into a number of difficulties further on down the road. Without insurance, for instance, you wouldn’t be covered should anything within your vehicle or the vehicle itself be stolen.

2. Vehicle restorer

If you’re a lover of the cars of yesteryear, especially, then the profession of vehicle restorer could be right up your street. Put your keen eye for detail to the test by finding yourself a job where you be bringing classic cars back to life every single day.

3. Automobile statistician

If you’re a highly analytical lover of cars, then you should consider becoming an automobile statistician. It might not sound like a particularly exciting profession, but it can be if you really throw yourself into it. Your job would be to analyse specific pieces of data and trends pertaining to the latest car releases – eventually, your studies will be used by developers in their bid to create the industry-leading vehicles of tomorrow.

4. Assembly person

Assembly people, otherwise known as car technicians, are the factory workers that build the cars that you know and love. If you have a particular interest in the process cars go through as they are bought to life, then this could very well be the career pathway for you. By becoming an assembly person, a perk of the job will see you will be handed extensive discounts on the type or model of car that you work on.

5. Motor marketer

It’s not all tinkering, studying and driving when it comes to finding the perfect job for car lovers – there’s also plenty of opportunities for you to become a marketer of automobiles, too. If you have a creative side or just a particular knack for advertising, combine it with your knowledge and passion for motors by becoming a professional marketer for automakers and dealerships.

If it’s time you had a career change, then why not indulge in your passion for cars when it comes to choosing your next step? As you can see above, there are plenty of opportunities in the automobile industry to choose from, no matter what kind of person or worker you are.