3 Hobbies That Can Make You Extra Money

Are you currently on the search for a new hobby? Perhaps you’ve recently retired and you need something to keep you active and engaged on a daily basis, or maybe your favourite sport is simply on its off-season and you need something to stop you twiddling your thumbs for the next few months?

business women making money

Whatever your reason is for needing a new pastime, rest assured there are plenty of
options out there for you.

Better yet, there are plenty of hobby options that can potentially make you some cash on the side. To find three hobbies that are sure to keep you entertained and boost your bank balance, read on.

Travel blogging

Is there a better hobby than travelling? Should you take on this pastime, on any given day you could find yourself jetting off to places that you’ve never even heard of before and doing things that you’ve never dreamed of doing.

Of course, travelling is not cheap… but fear not as there is a way to subsidise this expensive hobby. By blogging about your travelling adventures, you could end up earning enough money to pay for your adventures.

What’s more, if your blog proves particularly popular in the travel blogging
hemisphere, you could even be rewarded with free hotel stays, meals, and tickets that grant you entry into popular attractions.

If your blog is to prove popular enough to earn you these freebies, you’re going to need to optimise your blogging platform. The best way to do this is to compare UK hosting plans and to then choose a host partner that is going to offer you High Availability (HA) as standard.

This feature will ensure that your blog never experiences any downtime and that it operates at an incredibly quick pace.

Become a handy person

If you love tinkering with things and fixing broken appliances, becoming a handy person could be the perfect hobby for you.

Providing handy person services will be sure to earn you some sort of
income, even if you only earn a drink for your endeavours. What’s more, taking on this pastime will also provide you with an opportunity to get out into your community and talk to different people on a daily basis.

If you want to go one step further and turn your handy person hobby into a business venture, be sure to check out this helpful article on the matter.


Have you long enjoyed creating delectable cakes and desserts? Or has The Great British Bake Off inspired you to give this pastime a go?

Whatever your reason for getting into the kitchen, baking could very well prove to be a very lucrative hobby for you.

If you improve your baking skills and manage to consistently perfect the recipes that you take on, you could start selling your delicious products to local bakery stores.

If you’re looking to pick up a hobby that can you a bit (or even a lot) of extra cash on the side, then look no further than the three pastimes listed above.