Swindon set for new voter ID trial

A controversial voter ID trial could be used in next years local elections according to reports.

The proposals put forward would mean that voters would have to bring their polling card with them to vote, or failing that a form of ID, which are yet to be determined.

If a registered voter was unable to bring such identification then they would be turned away from the polling station without being able to vote.

Swindon would be 1 of 5 other local authority areas that would take part in this pilot.

Full details of the pilot scheme are yet to be confirmed, but suggestions are that the polling card will gain more importance.

A barcode could be added to the polling card, which will be linked to a specific individual on an electronic database and then used by staff at polling stations.

The Conservative administration in Swindon are expected to vote in favour of tonight’s motion, along with two Liberal Democrat councillors, however Labour are vehemently opposed to the voter ID trial, calling it ‘voter suppression’.

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