Help former owners of Bottelinos start their new venture

A GoFundMe event has been created for the former owners of Bottelinos, the Swindon Italian restaurant to help them start their new venture.

This comes after their livelihood and business was taken away from them following a serious assault that occured outside of their restaurant.

The unforeseen events that unfolded at a private Halloween party outside of Bottelinos, which left the restaurant a crime scene and where several people were injured, one seriously, were deemed out of their control.

If you have been and visited Bottelinos over the years you will know that the owners have worked very hard over the years to provide an affordable and authentic Italian experience for all.

Lynne Jacobs said “This will mean the world to me because right from being 16 they have worked their little buts off and have worked such long hours and never complained, this was because they loved doing what they do.

I have never seen my boys so devastated, depressed and heartbroken over loosing something that meant so much to them and I feel lost as I don’t know how to help.”

Please get behind these young, ambitious brothers and help them raise the necessary funds to help start their new venture.

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