Bottelinos restaurant a crime scene and closed until further notice

Bottelinos Italian restaurant in Swindon is currently a crime scene and is closed until further notice after multiple people were injured during a fight, last night, 29th October at a private party.

The party was invite only through Facebook and around 40 people attended.

A group of people that weren’t invited then turned up to the restaurant at around 1.30am, which made the atmosphere turn uneasy. A fight outside then broke out, outside with multiple people being injured.

Bottelinos Swindon Restaurant
© – Swindon Italian Restaurant

Co-owner of Bottelinos restaurant Luke Jacobs has taken to Facebook to say the following – “Actions at mine and my brothers restaurant last night were unacceptable.

Not only is the place a crime scene and closed until further notice it’s an absolute state from certain people’s selfish behaviour.

We do not want everything we’ve worked for to be tarnished by this incident as people who know us, know we’ve worked so hard to be where we are”.

Further details about this incident to follow.