Childline phone calls rise steeply due to ‘killer clowns’ craze

Childline, a UK-wide counselling service for people under the age of 19, has received at least 120 calls in the last week from children left scared by the so called ‘killer clowns’.

Youngsters across the country are being left terrified by the clown craze that has seen people dressed as clowns threaten children with axes, chainsaws and other items that could be used as weapons.

The clown craze hasn’t just seen people dressed up as clowns holding weapons, it has seen them follow young children whilst walking for long periods of time, which has terrified children and lead to emergency service phone calls.

The clown craze that started in the US has spread to the UK and even hit parts of Swindon.

Clowns have reportedly been spotted in the Swindon area

There have been upwards of 5 reported sightings of people dressed up as clowns in different parts of Swindon over the past week.

Clown spotted in Swindon
Clown reportedly spotted in Redhouse, Swindon

The first report came when someone dressed up as a clown followed two young ladies on their walk home, which took place in Royal Wootton Bassett.

Over the weekend there have been reports of sightings across Swindon including Rodbourne, Redhouse and Pinehurst.

The clown craze, which involves people dressing up in a clown outfit and ‘pranking’ children and adults started in America, but has since spread to towns and cities across the UK, including Swindon.

There have been reports of clown pranksters being involved in more serious incidents such as following young girls and carrying knives.

Following such reports, Wiltshire Police have issued a warning stating the following:

We would like to remind people intent on engaging in this type of behaviour that your actions can cause fear and anxiety to people which could lead to public order offences being committed. In turn, this could lead to a criminal record.

Please think about your actions carefully. Any reports of offences committed will be fully investigated”.