5 year-old needs emergency care after stepping on needle in a park

A mother has been left shocked after her five-year-old boy was left needing emergency medical attention after stepping on a needle at a local park.

The event occurred this week at a park in Pinehurst where children often play.

“When someone came from the council to remove them, he said he’s worked doing the job 2 years and this job was by far the worse with over 100 used needles being found” she said.

Abigail’s son was required to stay in the children’s A&E department for 11 hours, whilst special medication was delivered from Oxford. Lewis also had to undergo an X-ray to determine if any further injuries were sustained.

Lewis was then vaccinated against potentially harmful diseases as a precautionary measure but will require a further two courses of injections in the near future.

In the event of spotting a similar issue that requires immediate attention call 101 or contact Swindon Borough Council to report the issue.