30-stone man from Swindon ‘too fat to work’ comment causes online outrage

Comedian Terry Noble, from Swindon who weighs 30 stone, came under fire following his appearance on This Morning yesterday, 3 November, when he said he couldn’t afford to eat healthily and that employers were ‘unsympathetic’ of his condition.

Terry describes himself as a ‘compulsive hoarder’ who lives off crisps and bread and claims a fortnightly payout, according to the show.

ITV This Morning - Comedian, Terry Noble from Swindon
© ITV This Morning – Comedian, Terry Noble from Swindon

Terry told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that health problems including type 2 diabetes have made it near on impossible for him to work.

Swindon Town Centre Swindon Town Centre

‘I’ve got health problems like feet ulcers,’ he explained. ‘And the diabetes can’t help it. As soon as I’m standing on my feet for long periods, the old feet ulcers break out so then I’m off sick.

‘It does make me angry because people do judge me. I’d love to work, I have in the past.’

Terry also insisted that while he had always tried to eat healthily, living on benefits meant he could only afford cheap junk food: ‘Fruit is so much more expensive than crisps and chocolate,’ he explained.

When Phillip Schofield suggested his future looked ‘quite bleak’ Terry replied: ‘It can be. It is worrying.’

Whilst Terry was featuring on This Morning yesterday, there was an online backlash happening against him on Twitter.

Not all comments on Twitter using the #ThisMorning were unsympathetic towards Terry.

Terry, appeared on last nights Channel 5 TV show “On Benefits: 30 stone and Claiming”.

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