Ford Transit vans targeted by thieves in Swindon

Wiltshire Police is warning drivers of Ford Transit vans to be aware that thieves appear to be targeting this model of van.

It follows some incidents where suspects have managed to gain entry to this model of vehicle without having to force their way in, although they have been unable to start the van once they are in.

Officers are appealing for witnesses after incidents where two Ford Transit vans have been entered without forced entry; between 8pm on Monday 12 December 2016 and 6am on Tuesday 13 December 2016 – unknown offenders entered a Ford Transit parked in the car park of the Premier Inn, Ermin Street and took power tools.

In similar incident in the same car park, between 6.45pm on Monday 12 December 2016 and 7pm on Tuesday 13 December 2016, unknown offenders stole tools from another Ford Transit.

It’s not clear if all models of Transit can be entered without force; these two vans were of different ages: a ’51 registration plate’ and a ’13 registration plate.’

PCSO Lee Wheeldon said: “I want to remind owners of this model of van to be extra vigilant when leaving the vehicle, especially for long periods and overnight.

“Our message to all vehicle drivers and owners is ‘don’t leave anything of value inside,’ but I would also say to those who own or drive a Ford Transit –  consider fitting extra security if possible.

“Also, if you were in the Ermin Street area during these times and dates and saw or heard anything suspicious then please contact me.”

If you can help with our enquiries please contact PCSO Lee Wheeldon on 101 or anonymously, via Crimestoppers, on 0800 555 111.

Motorists are asked to follow the below advice:

• Don’t leave any valuables on display including laptops, satnavs, mobile phones, handbags, credit cards or vehicle documents in your van/car. If it is unavoidable – place them in the boot and ensure that any electrical equipment is switched off.
• Don’t leave coats/jackets on show in the vehicle as a thief will want to see if there is anything valuable in the pockets.
• Clean satnav suction marks off your windscreen, as leaving them is an immediate advert to thieves that a satnav is in the vehicle. Make sure no satnav attachments are left visible in your vehicle.
• Remove your stereo if you can, mark it with the vehicle registration number if you can’t.
• Leave your glove box open to show there is nothing in it.
• If you own a van, make sure you remove your tools overnight and display an appropriate sign in the rear window making this clear.