Crocheted Pokemon have been hidden for kid’s to find

Children from across Swindon will this morning be on an epic Pokehunt in search of crocheted Pokemon.

The crocheted Pokemon have been hidden in Lydiard Park and Coate Water.

Today will see children searching high and low for the famous cartoon characters, all of which have been created by a local knitting group.

Members of Swindon Stitch and Bitch have been furiously knitting Pokemon for the past eight weeks in a bid to get kids out into the fresh air for a bit of Friday morning fun on their last day of half term.

Tracey Major, who spent hours knitting the creatures before their release into the wild, said: “I thought it was a great way to try to get children off their phones and to focus on something a bit more real.

“When the children can find them they can keep them.

“Hopefully it will remind them of a really fun day they had.

“The kids can even log on to Facebook as they go and tell us when they have found the Pokemon, so we know how many are left.

Any knitted Pokemon you find can be uploaded to the Pokemon in the parks Facebook page –