Things You Need to Consider Before Renting a Self Storage Unit

It is not wrong to have a self-storage unit where you keep stuff that you cannot accommodate within your house as you’re trying to manage the space.

self storage units

And there are situations where you are in-between transition or moving to a new location. You need temporary storage for your belongings, and that’s where a self-storage unit becomes the perfect solution.

But before you rent one, here are some things you need to consider while self-storage hunting.


The facility’s location is a significant deal-breaker when you’re looking to rent a self-storage unit because you have to consider how close it is to your home or office.

Not only that, if you do not own a car, can you quickly get to the facility using public transportation? These are convenience questions you need to put into consideration before signing a lease on a rental unit.

Asides from that, self-storage units located within the city area could be beyond your budget. Therefore you need to be open to options outside the city limits and have easy access to transport when you need to be there for urgent business.


This is an unarguable constant to consider when you are looking for self-storage units to rent. Look at it from the perspective of you renting a home away from home.

Hence, it would be best if you were triple sure that the facility had put requisite securities measures in place; you could go for a walk-through to check this out before you sign a lease agreement.

These days there are ways to improve security of your storage facilities, that is why the folks at have set the pace for a secured self-storage facility, stating they should be automated, have CCTV cameras, motion and heat sensors, internal door locks and give you instant activity notification when someone accesses your unit.


The pricing for your unit must be reasonable and meet up with your budget, confirm that there are no hidden charges in your lease agreement before you sign them.

Also, it is imperative to verify that you would not be susceptible to constant hikes in monthly rates and the best way to do that is to go online to see customer reviews of the facility.


The best way to know if your preferred storage unit is good for you is when they offer an affordable insurance package that covers your rent and the items stored in the department.

Many storage facilities are complicit in ripping off customers. The best way to know if the insurance package favors you is by comparing the offer to other storage units around your area.


I saved the best for last; you need to be double sure of the facility’s policy on access to the unit.

There are digitised facilities with apps where you can easily add or revoke access to your unit from the comfort of your home. Entry also covers the convenience of getting into your storage unit after office hours, on weekends, or during holidays.

There you have it, all the things you need to consider before you rent a self-storage unit that suits your preferred needs.