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Number of people with diabetes in Swindon reaches 14,000

New analysis released by Diabetes UK shows that the number of people diagnosed with diabetes in Swindon has increased from 13,553 to 14,143 since last year. Swindon had the...
Dental Appointment

What to Expect During a Visit to the Dentist

If you are one of the many people afraid to visit the dentist in the UK, you might have put off booking a dental...
Garden Decking

Garden Renovation Ideas to Improve Your House’s Appearance

When we think about renovating our houses, many of us will deliberate the inside of our home or the front of our house. The back...

Things You Can do with a Passion for Health and Fitness

The world of health and fitness can be seen as a very interesting one. The more you learn about both, the better shape you...
BBQ in Garden

4 Must-Have Additions For Your Garden

The garden centres and catalogues are stuffed with exciting and innovative new products for this year’s garden, and it’s fun to have a browse...

5 Ways You Can Protect Yourself Against Illness and Disease

Although there are countless existing illnesses and diseases, there are a number of ways you can protect yourself against them. It isn’t possible for...