Taking Mental Health Seriously: At Work and in Education 

In the past few years, we have seen the devastating effects that mental health can have on employees and students in the UK.

mental health at home

Over 60% of the UK workforce report that their job negatively impacts their mental health.

Many feel that their employers do little to help.

Students, either school age or in higher education, also feel the impact.

The pressure to perform and intensifying workload are adding to the mental health crisis.

In the last year alone, many people have reported higher levels of depression, anxiety and stress related problems. As workers come off furlough and students return to face-to-face learning, it is important that all sectors take mental health seriously.

What can employers and educational institutions do to tackle the mental health crisis? From offering vital support in times of crisis and during times of relative calm to offering mental health first aid training.

We look at some of the top things to do to ensure your employee’s mental health is your top priority.

Support your employees or students

More often than not, just supporting your employees or students when they are feeling low can help.

Creating a culture of open dialogue within your place of business or study. This will help struggling people know that they will be heard and supported.

Employing a designated mental health representative can help to ensure the culture of your workplace is managed in a way that promotes support and mental wellbeing.

Offer mental health first aid training

Mental health first aid training has become common in many industries. Offering this training to your employees will equip them with the skills they need to help colleagues or students who are suffering with poor mental health.

It will also inform your employees or students that there is someone on their team who is able to help them. Helping them to feel less alone and encouraging them to open up about their mental health.

Provide mental health services

Adding metal health services such as counselling services to your employee benefits package is a great idea.

It will assure your employees that they can seek help if they need it, without an added expense, which can often be a mental health concern in itself.

Additionally, offering mental health days has been proven to boost employee engagement and productivity at work and foster a healthy work environment.