Bingo & Travel: Can a British Institution Make a British Holiday Better?

There are lots of myths surrounding bingo, the main one being that it’s a game for old people. In truth, research suggests it’s only a popular pastime with less than 20% of pensioners, as the demographics of bingo lovers are becoming much broader.

women travelling around the world

With younger generations taking up the pursuit, its impact on popular culture, such as travel, is arguably more significant now than ever before, as highlighted by the growing number of titles and releases that use the travel genre to their advantage.

Just read through a range of travel blogs and you’ll find that professionals are leveraging the game to enhance their travels, too.

Although it’s tempting to assume that bingo can’t help you make the experience of a lifetime even better, it’s hard to deny the link between the two.

Bingo is a British institution that can turn your British getaway into a trip you’ll never forget, and this is why.

It Comes in Many Forms  

One of the great things about combining bingo and travel is that there’s no reason to make room for a travel edition of the game if you have your smartphone handy.

Mobile data means you can connect and play bingo slot games that include a treasure trove of British travel-themed options, from Lucky’s Fish and Chips to Beat the Bobbies.

You could even take inspiration from the game themes, let the rolling green hills, seas and forests featured inspire you.

These sorts of games are ideal partners for travellers and gamers alike as, whether you’re travelling around the country or playing at home, the entertainment factor is equally as strong thanks to its versatility.

With the added flexibility of game type, themes and format provided to players, you can choose an edition that will make your trip more memorable, as there’s a version for every situation.

Bingo Brings Unpredictability  

Picture the scene. You’re driving along, looking forward to the next new place. It’s a lovely thought, but when you do get the chance to go on a road trip, you might find that it gets a little predictable.

While planning your precious time carefully is important, travelling is also about adventure. To prevent your staycation from becoming formulaic, design your own bingo game that includes the things you would love to do during your adventure, like hiking or an impromptu dip in the ocean.

This format allows room for everything you’ve planned, but in an unpredictable, exciting way to help ensure your staycation hits all the high notes you imagined.

Considering staycations are on the rise this year – one was booked every 11 seconds in June 2020 – bringing unpredictability to the party is an essential element of making a good holiday a great one.

The Game Encourages Exploration  

Have you ever wondered why you explore?

People and organisations from NASA to National Geographic have their theories, but the reality is that it’s a part of your personality and something you shouldn’t suppress.

With bingo, you don’t have to because you can use it as a method for regularly exploring new places. For instance, write up a list of places that are on your bucket list and tick them off one by one until you get a line.

The more lines you get, the more you travel. The final aim is to obtain a full house and conquer your bucket list!

Are you going on holiday in Britain this year? Would you consider involving bingo to take your trip to the next level?