Queens Drive regeneration project to create over 150 affordable homes

Queens Drive will benefit from a multi-million pound regeneration project that was approved by Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet earlier last month. The plans have gone ahead, with the aim to start building in 12 months time. The regeneration project, that has a budget of £23 million, plans to demolish the 122 non-traditionally built council homes and replace them with 160 modern properties.


This regeneration program that is set to improve sites including George Gay Gardens, The area south of Wolsey Road and St Ives Court has been put into motion due to Swindon Borough’s Pledge 7. The pledge aims to build more affordable homes including 200 council homes and 66 units though the Affordable Housing Development programme.

George Gay Gardens was earlier deemed no longer fit for purpose. The proposed demolition of the 50 flats would then give the Council the opportunity to build an extra-care facility which would support dementia to live as independently as possible. I think everyone can agree that this would benefit our town greatly.

The second phase of the three part plan would build 10 homes for sale on the site of the current St Ives Court, this has been suggested to fund phase three…

Phase three would involve the demolition of 36 flats at the T-Blocks that face onto Queens Drive, south of Wolsely road. This appears to be very beneficial as it would allow 90 new homes to be built. It was announced that construction is likely to start late 2017 up until 2020.

The Council’s Housing Revenue Account would replace rented units, and use revenue from selling additional units to help fund them. The remainder of the cost will come from borrowing against the future rental income.

This new development would include an improved public realm and follows on from the nearly completed £9.6 million Sussex Place development which is providing just under 50 new homes. This is part of six affordable housing schemes which are either underway or soon to start that provide affordable rented accommodation and/or housing for people with mobility or care needs.

Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Homelessness – Cllr Oliver Donachie has enthused “Sussex Place is a great example of how regeneration can transform a neighbourhood and I look forward to seeing similar improvements made further along Queens Drive”. He believes that the scheme will “breathe new life into this part of Swindon” suggesting that this will also create new jobs as well as affordable accommodation.

What do you think? Could this be a project that will create a better view of Swindon and improve our town?