Man dies in police Taser shooting at house in Warminster

A man has died after police fired a Taser at him at a property in Wiltshire.

The man was fired at with a taser just before midnight on Wednesday, shortly after officers were called to a house in the town.

Police officers attended an address in Warminster shortly before midnight on 26 October 2016 concerning a report of a man at the address who had caused himself significant harm and was threatening further serious harm to himself and others.

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Police officers intervened and Taser was discharged, however sadly, the man subsequently died at the scene.

A spokesman said initial reports indicated he had caused himself serious harm and a knife was recovered from the scene.

An ambulance was called but the man was pronounced dead at the scene at about 00:30 BST on Thursday 27 October.

The incident has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) for an investigation.

Wiltshire Police have said it will not reveal the official identification of the man who died following the use of a Taser until an investigation into the matter is completed.