How to Grow Your Estate Agency

Estate agents are always in demand as people will always need help buying and
selling homes and finding rental properties.

estate agents selling a home

While they will always be in demand, estate agencies will need to adapt to the current times in order to grow and compete with other agents in the area.

There are lots of different ways to do this in today’s day and age – read on for a few ideas.

Boost Social Media Presence

Businesses in all industries can benefit greatly from smart usage of social media but
estate agents are one which can benefit the most.

This is because it is an excellent way to showcase the properties that you currently have, to respond to comments and questions and also to show your expertise. As an example, you could create and share content such as:

  • Step-by-step guide to buying a home
  • How to maximise sale value
  • Tips for renters

Call Tracking

Call tracking software is helpful for estate agents because it will allow you to see
what marketing campaigns have been effective and which have not.

Estate agents rely on phone calls more than most other industries so having the ability to track these calls can help you to make your marketing more effective.


You should not overlook the value of former client testimonials, particularly in an
industry as important as real estate and where people will be engaging with the estate
agents on a regular basis.

Asking former clients for testimonials and then putting these in visible spaces like the company website and on social media can do wonders for boosting your reputation.

Virtual Tours

It is important to have highly detailed information about each property on the website
so that people can get an idea of what the property is like which will allow them to
decide whether they want to do a viewing.

High-quality photos, a floor plan and detailed description is the bare minimum and offering a virtual tour is a smart idea which could give you a competitive edge and allow people to get a much better sense of the property and the layout.

Promotional Goods

Everyone likes a free pen, mug, notebook or similar items and this is also a highly
effective way to increase brand awareness.

Creating branded promotional goods and then giving these out at any industry events can be an excellent and easy way to boost your estate agency.

These are a few of the best ways that a real estate agency can grow and boost its

This can be a competitive industry so you must know how to succeed and
attract people to your business and combining a few of these strategies should deliver
noticeable results quickly.