How to Grow Your Auto Repair Business

It might take a little bit of elbow grease and learning a few new skills, but growing an auto
repair business is well within reach.

man fixing vehicle engine

As a unique business model, growth might even be easier to achieve than you think. While the potential for growth exists, the average auto repair shop owner can find it challenging to get the right advice in terms of growth.

It’s such a niche business that making the wrong move could cause damage rather than an increase in profits.

However, with the right planning and an awareness of some basic growth strategies, expanding your auto shop could be easier than you think.

Get Online

This is an essential step to take for any local business model. You might think that your
small business has no benefits from being online, but having a website is critical in the digital age.

Most people do an internet search when they’re looking for a local business, so you
need to be visible if you want to attract new customers. As well as a website, it’s also a good idea to:

● Start a blog (or get someone to write one for you)
● Learn about digital marketing
● Have a social media account for your business so that customers can chat more easily
● Create auto repair video tutorials and use them on your website
● Get reviews from your existing customers
● Look at how effective your branding is and make improvements if needed

Being online should be a priority for any business, and if you’re hoping to expand your auto repair company, then this should be your first step.

Diversify your Services

The more that you offer, the more chances you have to attract a customer. Of course, most
people would rather not spend money on car repairs, but when a vehicle breaks down, your
auto repair shop is a necessity.

Consider adding high-value services like vehicle recovery. You’ll need to ensure that your vehicle is legally compliant for this task, so make sure that you have all of the signage and the LED light bars for easier identification and safety.

Remember, the more services that you can offer, the easier it will be to build your customer base.

Competitor Acquisition

If you have the financial resources, you should certainly look at your competitors and
consider buying them out. Although this can be both expensive and risky, it’s a quick way to earn a larger chunk of the market share, which is essential for local businesses.

If an acquisition is something that you’re considering, you should take as much time as possible, ensuring the handover period is as fast and as painless as possible. The initial period can be dangerous after a buyout, with lots to organise.

The more prepared you are and the more that you have in place, the easier and less risky this approach will be. Often, you will need to use a combination of approaches to grow an auto repair business successfully.

Before making significant changes to your business model, always take the
time to be certain that you have done as much research as possible.