VIDEO: CCTV footage of ‘aggressive’ dog trying to grab young girl

An ‘aggressive” dog has reportedly tried to grab and then bite a 15-month-old girl, whilst being carried in her mothers arms.

The incident occurred around 8.40am, 14 November on Omdurman Street off Ferndale Road.

The mother, who is from Swindon has told us of her horror after a neighbours dog tried to grab her young daughter from her arms whilst walking to her car.

You can watch the CCTV footage of the incident unfold above.

The Police and council have both been contacted regarding this incident, but this has not led to any action being taken and has caused the mother to become annoyed.

The mother said to us: “No one seems bothered about this, the Police are saying talk to the council, the council are saying talk to the Police and were really annoyed. My daughter is 15-months-old and could have killed her if I hadn’t turned round in time”.

“This aggressive dog is allowed to do it again to another child”.