Swindon is ‘just like Harry Potter’ claim American Tourists

A group of American tourists have claimed that everything they have seen in Swindon is magical like the world of Harry Potter.

The group of tourists, from Lubbock, Texas, believes that any building dating from before 1963 is “so Hogwarts” and could just imagine the boy wizard racing above the train station on his broomstick.

Mary Fisher said: “Boy, everything in Britain sure is quaint and enchanting. Is the Ministry of Magic based in that towerblock?

“We already saw an old-fashioned girls’ toilets just like in Chamber of Secrets – so authentic, really stank – and really the whole town’s just exactly how I’d imagined Azkaban Prison, but more sinister.

“And yesterday our guide took us around this incredible 1980s ‘Barratt Homes’ housing estate that was so like being on Privet Drive where Harry grew up I felt like I was actually in the books.

Tour guide Tom Logan said: “I thought I might take them to Stonehenge. But apparently it’s not in Harry Potter.”

I do wonder if the group of American tourists would find the parking and traffic situations in Swindon so magical were they to live here.

H/T – http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/swindon-just-like-harry-potter-say-americans-20170310123806