M4 named as UK’s 2nd slowest motorway

A new report by vehicle tracking company Satrak has revealed the slowest motorways in Britain.

After analysing data from 527,00 vehicles over the period of a year, the most sluggish motorways have been highlighted using average speeds of the vehicles using them.

Although one of the most important motorways in the UK, the M25 has been highlighted as the slowest motorway in Britain with speeds averaging at just 25 mph. This is almost half the average speed of the M602, which found itself in tenth place at 48 mph.

The M4, which runs through Swindon, was the second slowest motorway with an average speed of just 30.46 mph.

Swindon is also surrounded by some of the slowest moving cities with Bath, Oxford, Gloucester and Bristol all appearing in the top 25 cities with the slowest average speeds.

Data was taken from over 500,000 vehicles that had been analysed using tracking software from the 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2016 using Satrak Vehicle Tracking.