Charity to launch new singing group in Swindon to help fight lung disease

A new singing group is being set up in Swindon by the British Lung Foundation for anyone living with a lung condition. The classes, which cost £3.50 per week, will take place at 11am on Thursdays, from June 1st, at Swindon Dance – SN1 1QF.  People can register by emailing [email protected].

Twenty-nine singing groups have been set up by the British Lung Foundation across the country. Each group leader, in addition to being a trained musician or music therapist, has been given additional training (including information on living with a lung condition) to ensure the classes are not just fun, but can make a positive difference to each singer’s lung health.

Abby Mansi, who is leading the singing group, said: “Coming from a musical family, then professionally performing and leading choirs following formal training, I’ve always enjoyed singing.  However, anyone who has sung in a choir, band, done karaoke, or just hummed away in the shower can tell you how much fun singing is.

Swindon Town Centre Swindon Town Centre

“Through this group, I hope we will not just improve the lung health of local residents, but have a great time in the process.”

Mayana McDermott, British Lung Foundation’s Singing and Active Project Officer, said: 

“There is increasing evidence that singing helps people living with lung conditions such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) to preserve their lung function and quality of life.

“Since we started the singing programme in April 2015, there has been huge amounts of interest from people living with all types of lung conditions.

“The singing groups currently support over 300 people living with a lung condition through weekly singing sessions. We hope the programme will continue to go from strength to strength”.

For further information about the local group, please email [email protected] or leave Abby a message on 07530364271.

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