Couple given Town Centre car-park ban following anti-social behaviour

Wiltshire Police has issued two Community Protection Warnings (CPW) to a man and woman, banning them from a Swindon town centre car-park, after a series of anti-social behaviour incidents.

The homeless couple have been served the warnings after they left human waste, drugs paraphernalia, general rubbish in Fleming Way Car Park as well as taking up space, blocking stairwells and being abusive to Council staff when they tried to engage with them.

PC Paul Bezzant said:  “We have acted on information given to us by the general public and local community.

This sort of anti-social behaviour is not to be tolerated anywhere and this CPW can be escalated to a Community Protection Notice (CPN) if the CPW is breached; a CPN carries
heavier punishments.

Wiltshire Police continually works with its partners to address homelessness issues in Swindon – however this is not about them being homeless but about their anti-social behaviour, which has to be dealt with through direct action.

We would like to thank the members of the public who have already reported this issue to us and would encourage anyone to report any anti-social and illegal behaviour to police on 101.”

Cllr David Renard, the Council Leader, added:  “We are pleased that such robust action has been taken by the police.

We have had to devote considerable Council resources to cleaning up this area, in the face of totally unacceptable abuse to Council staff.

“Hopefully this will send a message to others who behave in such an anti-social way that it will not be tolerated.”