Binging TV has just got Easier in the UK

The number of TV shows, movies, and documentaries has quadrupled over the past decade, leaving the options about what to watch nearly endless. Better yet? You probably have access to a large chunk of them already through subscriptions and free view opportunities.

watching tv at home

However, finding what you want to see could take an eternity. There is a new way that can save you time and frustration with quality listings and search tools to help make binging TV easier in the UK. 

Check Out What’s on Now or Look for Later lets you see what’s on all channels with all service providers in the UK. The TV guide shows you the current listings. You can search ahead by a few hours and up to 14 days. 

In addition, if you see something interesting and want to learn more about it, click on the link, and it takes you to a site that gives you all the basic information and options to find additional facts about the show or movie before you watch it.

This setting is great when looking for children’s shows. You’ll know right away if it’s kid-friendly or if you need to go back to searching. 

Another option is to use the search bar for specific shows and movies. For example, type in “Halloween” to see what times and channels you can find videos with the word “Halloween” in the title. 

Scroll Through the Streaming Platforms

With, you can also skip scrolling through “What’s New” or “Trending Now” list on your top streaming homepage to find what you want to watch.

Just pop on the desktop link or open your phone app and click on the streaming UK option to see what’s on your favourite platforms, such as free options like BBCiPlayer and UKTV Play.

Additionally, check for rentals on Apple TV, Rakuten TV, or CHILI. also lists what’s streaming on popular subscription channels like Netflix, Hayu, and All 4. 

Check for Daily Updates

Before jumping to the same old show or stopping on a single streaming platform, like BBC or Netflix, check the channels and sites you normally don’t watch for updates.

You may find a new show you never considered watching or a movie you’d been waiting to come to your streaming service available with a few clicks of the app. 

To have the information nearby for when you’re away from the laptop and looking for something on the telly at your mates flat, download the free app for your Apple or Android-based phone. It’s also available through the Amazon Appstore. 

Personalise Your Account 

Quite often, people only watch a few select channels or use the same streaming sites. lets you create a free account and save your TV guide and streaming channel preferences.

Set reminders up for your favourite shows to get notified when they’re available. Remove channels you don’t use and keep the dashboard set to your preferences.

Quickly find your favourite TV shows or movie series to binge in the UK using the app. Instead of scrolling endlessly, do a quick search and use that extra 30 minutes to watch another episode.